Military and dual-use cargo transportation

Military and dual-use cargo transportation Military and dual-use cargo transportation
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CREDO TRANS in Russia — Military Freight and Dual-Use Cargo Transportation Services

We provide military and dual-use cargo transportation services from Russia. CREDO TRANS is fully responsible for the designated military transportation services.

Military transportation

In this case, you should forget about experiments, because military equipment requires special care during transportation. Only professional military freight companies know how to properly load and transport it. CREDO TRANS has been specializing in military freight service for many years and is aware of all the rules and requirements for working with this type of cargo. Having all the necessary documents in place, our freight company will help you deliver military equipment from Russia easily, quickly, and efficiently.

Dual-Use Cargo Transportation Features

It should be noted that this type of cargo is usually used for peaceful purposes, but it can also be used to create:

  •  nuclear weapons;
  • missile weapons;
  • chemical weapons;
  • bacteriological weapons.

Dual-use cargo requires special attention from the freight company.

  The nomenclature of such goods is determined by the State Export Control Service. The movement of dual-use goods is strictly controlled in order to comply with international obligations regarding the non-proliferation of mass destruction weapons. Not every company has the right to transport military cargo, as it requires the necessary permits. Moreover, customs inspection of this type of cargo is carried out very carefully.

Having the necessary experience and documentation, CREDO TRANS will deliver dual-use cargo from Russia to anywhere in the world.

Advantages Of Military Transportation Service

The advantages of transporting military equipment include the speed and safety of the process. The route for such transportation is always carefully thought out and laid as far as possible from large settlements. This requires a lot of experience, care, and understanding of military cargo handling. 

What is usually taken into account when drawing up logistics:

  • the presence of obstacles on the way (bridges, detours, cliffs, etc.);
  • slope level of the track;
  • disadvantages and advantages of the relief;
  • type of road surface.

By choosing a trusted military freight company like CREDO TRANS, you ensure the safe and professional delivery of cargo from Russia.

Military Transportation Types

CREDO TRANS delivers every cargo, regardless of weight and size: Our company can handle the delivery of even super-heavy combat cargo without any problems since we have all the necessary equipment and appropriate vehicles. Contact CREDO TRANS if you do not know how to arrange military freight and dual-use cargo transportation and we will definitely help you deal with all types of cargo.