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CREDO TRANS Air Freight Forwarder: an Air Freight Company in Russia

International Air Freight Company

Looking for a reliable, hassle-free air freight forwarding company? Don’t look further, do it with Credo Trans). 

Based in Russia, with strategic locations in Moscow (Sheremetyevo, Vnukovo, Domodedovo) and Sankt Petersburg (Pulkovo) partnered with reliable agents all over the world, CREDO TRANS is capable of spanning the globe and arranging cargo transportation from any country worldwide in the most efficient way, offering the best cost-saving options. 

CREDO TRANS, a reliable Russian international air freight forwarder, will assist you in navigating through air freight logistics, customs and insurance regulations, and any kind of  “turbulence” you might encounter.

What Does Team CREDO TRANS Have to Offer?

CREDO TRANS is proud to provide domestic and international air freight services from the Russian Federation to other cities nationwide, and foreign countries. While we’re based in Russia, we’ve shipped across the globe for more than 10 years. No matter your freight forwarding needs, from seas to skies, CREDO TRANS is your dependable source to receive air or sea freight services.

Benefits of working with CREDO TRANS: 

  • Contracts with major air carriers, such as Aeroflot, AirBridgeCargo Airlines, American Airlines, Delta, China Air, and Korean Air.
  • Alliance with leading agents that have offices in the USA, China, and India.
  • Representation in Moscow Sheremetyevo airport.
  • Cost-effective services, low rates.
  • Efficient track system.
  • Complete and accurate documentation.

We realize that air freight forwarding is a top-end service, and we built it based on speed and cost-efficient solutions, with a comprehensive mix of transit options, systematic cost-benefit analysis, and shipment visibility to deliver your air freight cargo to its destination on time.

CREDO TRANS has established a solid alliance with leading agents that have offices in the USA, China, and India. Our company maintains flexible relationships with core air carriers—Aeroflot, AirBridgeCargo Airlines, American Airlines, Delta,  China Air, and Korean Air—on all key trade lanes, enabling service on a global basis, including local pickup of cargo, its transfer to an airport, export customs clearance, temporary storage  warehousing, marking and labeling, inventory. If you need a professional personal representation in Moscow Sheremetyevo airport to handle the air freight and ensure smooth incoming/outgoing goods inspection, you can rely on us.

With our complete range of time-specific, guaranteed, and cost-effective options, CREDO TRANS can satisfy all of your air freight demands with professionalism. Choose your service based on your requirements. We’ll assess your shipment in full, calculate air freight volumetric weight, and offer the best air freight rates to match. 

Air Freight Forwarding: Why Use an Air Freight Company?

The development of a truly global marketplace requires an air freight forwarder to move freight by air across multiple routes nationwide and worldwide.

Air transport provides the fastest delivery. Despite the shipping route optimization, there is still no match to the speed of air freight.  Air freight is a hands-down faster mode as compared to sea shipping. In very rough estimates, it takes 20 to 45 days to complete ocean shipping. Air freight typically takes 1 to 2 days.

However, before sending everything by air, explore our expert strategies to plan your freight. Using an air forwarder to ship your cargo allows for a shorter timetable compared to the sea freight forwarder. It is particularly useful when shipping fresh produce. The price for faster service however implies much higher air freight rates. That’s on you to select the right means of transportation, and CREDO TRANS is here to provide any professional assistance you require.

Is Air or Ocean Freight Forwarding More Cost-Effective?

At first glance, it looks like sea freight is generally a cheaper option compared to air freight, but you must know that each mode requires a complex cost calculation. 

The cost of air freight is calculated through the “chargeable weight”— a size/weight combination—an amount an air carrier charges to move your shipment. In sea freight, the weight of the cargo is not typically factored in, and shipping cost is based on the number of containers.  

For bulky and heavy cargoes, sea freight is overall less pricey. However, as the size of a shipment decreases, the air and sea cost margin decreases as well. Besides, bear in mind the inventory costs. Customs and warehousing fees associated with sea freight are generally higher than the airport fees.

Factors to Consider When Executing Air Freight Shipments

ompanies shipping overseas or importing must consider 3 main factors when opting between sea freight vs air freight. 

1. Time of transit: how quickly you need to deliver your cargo.

2. Cost: which shipping mode will be the most cost-effective for your business? The cost consists of many elements, like all transportation charges (overland and sea or air), product original price, taxes, insurance fees, customs fees, tariffs, handling, and crating costs. 

3. Product physical characteristics.

CREDO TRANS Air Freight Services

CREDO TRANS Air Freight Forwarder has designed an array of custom-tailored logistics services to handle various air freight needs and to meet the most time-definite shipping requirements. We can move air cargo domestically and globally. Let our air freight forwarding specialists arrange for the right service for you. 

Our Air Freight Shipping Options include:

  • Global export and import,
  • Domestic air freight forwarding within the Russian Federation,
  • NFO (Next-Flight-Out),
  • Same-day pickup and processing,
  • Express air freight,
  • Air charter,
  • Customer support and tracking.

How do I Get a Quote for Air Freight Services?

CREDO TRANS will help you decide which type of freight forwarding will work the best for your business: sea freight forwarding or air freight forwarding. The easiest way to know if air freight is the right choice is to get a broad picture of options. Contact our trained experts now and get our air freight prices, with a selection of delivery timelines to match your business requirements.

Use our freight rate calculator:  Provide dimensions and weight to determine your shipment billable weight.

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CREDO TRANS partners with global air freight carriers and Russian domestic airlines to provide a broad scope of services and ensure a seamless process of air freight. Time is the essence when you need to transport high-value and low-volume shipments to a manufacturing supplier, an upcoming trade fair, or on the store shelf. Your business is our priority. Partner with CREDO TRANS to get the optimal air freight solution with a high-quality professional service.