Transportation of Oversized Cargo from Russia

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Transportation of oversized cargo Transportation of oversized cargo

CREDO TRANS in Russia — Oversized Cargo Transportation Service.

Need a freight forwarder to ship oversize freight internationally from Russia? CREDO TRANS is a company specializing in the transportation of oversized cargo, and particularly in oversize flatbed trucking. 
Moving oversized cargo is a matter of accurate planning and great detail. No matter how big your load is, CREDO TRANS is well furnished to handle any shipments with the most efficiency.

Definition of oversized cargo

In overland trucking, an oversized cargo is a load which dimensions exceed the specified legal weight and size limits for a truck to move on a designated part of a road/highway. In sea or air transportation, any item of a shipment that does not fit in a container is referred to as oversized. 

CREDO TRANS is ready to perform transportation and ”door to door” delivery of oversized cargo of any complexity. Most typical oversized loads include trucks, RVs, power substation transformers, motors, boats, road construction, agricultural equipment, logging equipment, large diameter pipes, motorhomes, machines, etc.

How to transport oversized cargo?

It is vital to get prepared ahead of time before hitting the road with a load, as moving oversized, unusual freight may be stressful:

  • Know your freight class: weight, dimensions, and special characteristics. 
  • Plan well in advance and properly. 
  • Partner with a reliable oversized cargo forwarder, like CREDO TRANS, to perform the most troublesome part of the work, such as getting a carrier, settling price, obtaining permits, and ensuring customs clearance.
  • Be prepared for unpredictable situations, such as unexpected weather events, etc.

How to ship oversized cargo?

When the load is either too heavy or awkwardly shaped, it is called oversized or out of gauge. International transportation of oversized cargo is one of the most problematic methods. This is when freight transportation companies, like CREDO TRANS, come forward. You can manage these shipments yourself, but let us assure you — it will be logistical distress.

In shipping, breakbulk is a method of transportation when goods of unique dimensions are placed outside of the containers, in crates, boxes, bags, barrels. 

When shipping oversized cargo (equipment or machinery), you must provide the proper packaging/crating materials and protection methods to make sure that your cargo is not damaged while in transit.

Any shipments with international destination will need to clear customs at both points. CREDO TRANS will guide you through the customs practices and forms and provide expertise.

One more issue to consider is how to load and unload out of gauge cargo. Specialized heavy haul equipment machinery is needed. This requires companies to either have a team at the destination ready to unload the cargo or to work with an agency that can help load and unload cargo at both points.

CREDO TRANS offers freight forwarding services to businesses across Russia and worldwide. If you have questions about your oversized load, contact a member of the CREDO TRANS’ team now! 

Can you pass a heavy vehicle carrying oversized load?

Oversize loads require a longer distance to stop, change lanes, and pass other vehicles. 

A wide heavy vehicle transporting oversized load usually has an escort car either preceding or following it, equipped with warning yellow flashing lights and a sign “OVERSIZE LOAD AHEAD” displayed on the roof. 

When you approach an escort vehicle with its yellow lights flashing, slow down, vacate the closest lane if possible, wait until the operator of a heavy vehicle or driver of an escort car signals that you can overtake, pass the oversize vehicle in one maneuver, within the posted speed limit.

What does the “D” stand for on wide load signs?

The vehicle transporting an over-dimensional load must be equipped with a warning “D” sign at the front and rear of the vehicle. “D” stands for over-dimensional.

Can you drive at night with an oversize load?

Vehicle operators must know that the oversize load is operationally more difficult to drive. It has more blind spots, less maneuverability; it requires an extended distance to change lanes, pass other vehicles, and stop. Heavy trucks with oversize loads have difficulty braking on long downhill slopes. 

Heavy trucks with oversized cargo may travel at night on interstate highways only, as long as a load is properly secured and a vehicle is signed and lighted with “Oversize Load” signs front and rear.

What is the cargo? What is the difference between cargo and freight?

Historically speaking, ‘cargo’ refers to as a shipload transported overseas via ocean or air carriers, whereas’ freight’ is a commodity moved overland by truck or rail. The term ‘cargo’ is generally referred to as goods transported by ship or plane. These days, however, cargo covers all types of freight, including carried by railroad and overland.  The term cargo is also used regarding the goods in transit towards a final end-use, even when it is held in storage. 

What percentage of cargo is transported by air?

Today, the $6.8 trillion worth of goods are transported by air carriers annually, which constitutes 35 percent of international trade by value, but just 0.5 percent of total volumes.

Need to ship an oversized load? 

CREDO TRANS is here for you. With a good strategy, a well-reserved time, and a dedicated shipping partner, transshipment of oversized loads can be easier than you might think. To start your international oversized freight shipment, request a quote from CREDO TRANS now!