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Russian Company CREDO TRANS: Railway Freight and Railroad Transportation Services

CREDO TRANS—a leading and highly effective rail transporter in Russia with an efficient rail freight logistics system in place—can handle the largest railroad freight while offering low and competitive rates. 

The freight railroad network is a major competitive advantage of the Russian Federation. CREDO TRANS, through alliances with federal and international railway operators, provides competitive pricing for door-to-door rail moves and delivers direct market access from Russia to CIS and neighboring countries, expanding it all the way to China. Our company’s trained experts are highly versed about the specifics of rail freight transportation. 

The key benefits of employing CREDO TRANS for your railway freight:

  • Cross-border rail freight on top trade routes to/from Russia,
  • Direct rail from Russia to China,
  • Trans-Siberian Railway Network
  • Utmost efficiency, 
  • Quick and reliable end-to-end international production,
  • Reduced shipping times, improved promptitude,
  • Competitive prices. 

Rail Freight Transport Service

The railroad is generally an underutilized means of transportation. However, we assure you that rail, if used properly, can add up to big savings: 10 to 40 percent in reduced savings if shifting from trucking to rail freight.

Uses for Rail Freight:
  • Long hauls if your cargo moves over 1100 km (700 miles).
  • Bulky and heavy cargoes.
  • Not urgent deliveries.
  • Temperature-controlled and solid dry cargoes with a higher tolerance to heat and cold.
  • If freight is located near a major metropolitan city with an intermodal terminal.
  • Shipments with expected seasonal spikes in volumes.
Rail Freight Service as a Solution:
  • To reduce transportation spending.
  • Weather impacts – rail freight is regarded as all-weather ground transportation.
  • To improve the carbon footprint: rail is an eco-friendly and sustainable mode of transport.

In a nutshell, we developed a broad list of streamlined rail freight forwarding services:

  • Regular train services across Russia and on top trade routes to neighboring countries, CIS, and China. 
  • Expedited rail freight.
  • Bulky and heavy cargoes.
  • Industrial logistics.
  • Comprehensive logistics: outsourcing and consulting. 
  • Customs support.
  • Warehousing.
  • Cargo insurance.

Besides, we provide intermodal freight—a combination of rail and truck services—beneficial for shippers with long hauls when trucks transport cargoes from the pick-up location to the railyard, and from the railyard to the final destination. 

How much does it cost to ship freight by rail?

In railway freight offered by the Russian freight companies, the cost is based on the fare for the operation of the federal railway infrastructure. The fare is a complex system of tariffs and charges for works and services performed by railway operators during transportation. 

CREDO TRANS can provide a broad range of services you would expect from a world-class freight company. We advise you on every aspect of your rail freight forwarding – timings, optimized freight route, estimated costs, required documentation.

Do you need a quote about freight to/from/across Russia? Contact us and we will respond promptly.

Is it cheaper to ship by rail or truck?

For shippers moving large loads over long distances, a truck/rail combo is cheaper than using trucks exclusively. Not only can more cargoes be shipped via rail, but container trains are also more fuel-efficient, making rail cheaper for long-distance hauls. Generally, rail freight is more appealing because it offers lower rates and provides more consistency as compared to trucking. 

Here at CREDO TRANS, we have rail freight specialists who can assist you in determining if a truck, or rail, or intermodal is a cost-effective solution for you.

What is the most common cargo for railroads? What does a freight train transport?

Rail is a commonly used mode to transport heavy and bulky cargoes, particularly in countries with long transit times, such as the Russian Federation, the USA,  China. Freight trains carry various types of cargo: airplane parts, vehicles and automobile components, chemicals, paper, agriculture products, livestock, construction materials, pulp, energy products, metals, and minerals. 

There are various types of cars the railroads use for each type of freight carried: automotive racks, boxcars, centerbeams, covered hoppers, coil cars, gondolas, refrigerated boxcars, open-top hoppers, tank cars.


Do not hesitate to enjoy the benefits of railroad freight! It is easy with CREDO TRANS. Our railroad transportation specialists make it straightforward for you, offering full management of outsourcing and booking.