Russian Custom Brokerage

CREDO TRANS in Russia — Customs Brokerage & Clearance for Freight Solutions

A licensed customs broker, CREDO TRANS, will help you better navigate complex government regulations to ensure that your shipments clear customs successfully and on time.

Customs Brokerage Services

The public is often unaware of the immense magnitude of goods transferred daily through Russia’s geographical borders. If your business relies on imports, we recommend hiring a customs brokerage firm, like CREDO TRANS, that offers a broad range of customs brokerage services. This way you will get your merchandise through customs promptly and efficiently. Our brokers have vast expertise in the international and Russian merchandise entry procedures, valuation, classification, admissibility requirements, and the rates of duties or tariffs applicable to entered merchandise.

What is a customs broker?

A customs broker is a professional firm or an independent individual, licensed to assist importers in meeting laws governing import operations.

How much does a customs broker charge?

CREDO TRANS offers honest pricing for expert brokerage services and customs clearance. Our brokers file the required paperwork and submit necessary payments on your behalf and charge you a fee for the service. Our fees are available upon request.

Do you need a customs broker?

It is not mandatory to employ a customs broker. However, if you do it on your own, you are entirely responsible for the accuracy of the information you provide and the correct payment of all applicable fees. Most shippers don’t have experience in the import business, so they outsource expert help to avoid errors and extra charges.

What does customs brokerage involve?

Operating exports and imports is by no means an easy endeavor. To maximize compliance, shippers need to be well-versed with all applicable laws, international and domestic.

CREDO TRANS offers a comprehensive portfolio of import/export brokerage practices. Contact us to get information on the services we provide and details related to your specific industry.

Why should you hire a customs broker?

What follows are the main reasons why you should consider hiring CREDO TRANS as your customs broker.

  1. Our company’s expertise in complex regulations governing the imports/exports operations to/from Russia.
  2. Our competence in facilitating customs clearance processes for your international shipments.
  3. Our ability to avoid administrative delays, fines, seizure of merchandise, and other costs.
  4. Convenience with paperwork — entrusting CREDO TRANS with communication with relevant agencies will save you from making mistakes as faulty declarations can result in penalties, audits, and even sanctions.
  5. Smooth clearance of shipments that require a formal entry (pharmaceutics, chemicals, agricultural and dairy products, cosmetics, etc). 

Customs brokerage for shipping packages

At CREDO TRANS, we facilitate the processing of international and domestic packages, to ensure they are cleared in compliance with all the current regulations and delivered on time.

Customs brokerage for shipping heavy freight

Contact CREDO TRANS if you have a complicated shipment—heavy or inconveniently shaped—and we will assist you to comply with the laws related to heavy freight, to avoid damage, downtime, and lost opportunity for your business.

Why turn on to CREDO TRANS for customs brokerage?

With more than a decade of customs brokerage experience, CREDO TRANS can provide you with a reliable and consistent service. We’re ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest customs practices to put your business on the leading edge and expedite international trade.