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CREDO TRANS provides flexible warehouse solutions and tailored freight storage consulting services for cargoes shipped to/from Russia. WE ARE WHEREVER YOUR WAREHOUSE IS.

Storage Consulting Services by CREDO TRANS

The ability to store freight is crucial for our customer’s supply chain. CREDO TRANS offers consistent and exceptional Storage Consulting Services for your warehousing operations with greater speed, productivity, and versatility. Through partnering with an efficient network of storage facilities and warehouses at the regional, national, and global level, we enable you to store your freight en route to its final destination with guaranteed integrity. Most of our facilities provide a complete range of storage services, container de-stuffing and palletizing, pick and pack service, and bulk stack.


Freight storage is an integral element of the supply chain, allowing for goods to be physically held at an identified location until they are ready to be dispatched.


The main purpose of using a storage facility is to hold goods in inventory in bulk form for an extended time and releasing them on demand. 

A great variety of storage models and equipment are in use in modern warehousing. Rack-supported storage facilities, for instance, provide a high density of stored goods. The most general warehouse is the short- or medium-term multi-tenant facility. When businesses expand, they build and launch their own facilities to provide a better response to their extensive operational standards. 


The entire goal of freight storage is to allow a company to hold products until it’s time to ship them to their final destination. With the right network of storage facilities, you can reduce shipping times and anticipate customer needs. For example, if you serve the Russian market, you might hold goods in multiple freight storage warehouses across the country.

How CREDO TRANS’ Warehousing and Storage Solutions Could Benefit your Business?

Employing CREDO TRANS’ services enables you to reinvest the working capital that would otherwise have been spent on real estate, human resources, and other costs associated with running your own warehousing operation – so you can focus on your core business. Using CREDO TRANS’ storage services will help you to cut demurrage fees and lower container storage costs.


  • ASRS, automated storage and retrieval systems, to manage and optimize processes of goods storage, preparation, and dispatch. 
  • Warehouse management software to control your stock in real-time and optimize operator routes.
  • Storage racks for all types of industrial warehousing.

Our storage and consulting services are fully supported by the latest technologies to monitor shipments and see all of your stock centrally. 

We can provide as many storage consulting solutions as necessary to ensure your storage operation is outlined and managed professionally to meet your business requirements, in the right location(s), and performed the way you want. All of this is done within your budget and in alignment with your goals. 

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