How to Ship Your Personal Effects From Russia Internationally

Ship my Belongings From Russia

Moving your belongings from Russia doesn’t have to be a hassle, with air, road, sea, and rail freight alternatives available. Whether you’re moving from Russia to Europe or further afield, make sure your goods arrive safely, at a low cost, and with prompt service.

Compare Shipping Methods

There are a few factors to consider when comparing different shipping methods: the delivery time, the cost, the delivery method, the safety of your item, and the ability to trace a package.

The Time of Delivery

The delivery time varies a lot from one location to the other. Your belongings will be delivered between 3 to 14 business days, depending on the chosen method. Shipping by sea, road, and rail may take much longer.

The Cost

Your freight shipping prices may be affected by whether you’re sending domestically or internationally. Dynamic geographic zones are frequently used by carriers to calculate the distance your shipment must travel. The cost increases as the distance increases. The faster and more secure the delivery mode is, the higher the cost. Paying a little extra to ensure that everything runs well is worth it.

The Method of Delivery

When deciding how to ship your belongings to another country, the most important task is to select the right method of delivery. It is critical to consider both the logistics and the cost involved. Think how soon you will require your belongings after leaving Russia. Consider air freight if you are in a hurry. Choose the road, railway, or sea freight if money is an issue.

Regular air shipping services are provided by air freight companies from the major Russian airports. Domodedovo, Sheremetyevo, Pulkovo, Kazan, Koltsovo (Ekaterinburg), Platov (Rostov-on-Don) airports are among them. Airfreight is usually the most expensive mode of transport. The cost of relocating your possessions is determined by the weight and size. Airfreight is also the quickest way. Expect your goods to arrive in 7-14 days if you choose a door-to-door service (depending on the location). When looking for an international moving company, narrow your search to a handful of the most trustworthy businesses.

If you’re moving from Russia to Europe’s mainland, or the Middle East, or China, road freight can be a low-cost option, assuming you’re not in a rush. Once you’ve decided on an international moving company, you’ll schedule a pickup date and create an inventory of your belongings. You should be able to select between groupage and direct shipment. A groupage freight means your belongings will be moved alongside those of other customers who are using the same moving company. This mode is less expensive, but it is also slower because your goods may be held up in warehouses throughout Europe or China.

Another cost-effective approach to ship your belongings is via train. It is the best option if you are not in a rush. Russian Railways provides transportation services on regular container trains throughout Russia, the CIS, and on export/import routes. Containers are perfect for transporting relatively large amounts of cargo. Consolidated cargo formation is optimal for small-volume transportation. There is a “door-to-door” service available.

If you’re not in a hurry and want to transport your belongings from Russia to somewhere outside of Europe, container sea shipping is the most viable and popular option, especially for bulky goods. Sea freight delivery can take a long time, though. Shipments to North America can take up to 8–10 weeks to arrive, while shipments to Australia and New Zealand can take up to three months.

There are numerous methods to ship a small package from Russia to another country. Russian Post, a government-owned postal service with branches throughout the country, is the most popular carrier. It is the cheapest way to send small valuables from Russia to other countries, but delivery times may be longer as compared to FedEx, DHL, Boxberry, DPD, Pony Express, SDEK, which also operate in Russia.

Shipment Tracking

Always use the tracking number to check on the shipment you sent from Russia to another country. It’s all too simple to misplace your shipment along the route. Besides, knowing where your cargo is at all times is beneficial on many levels.

How to Pack Your Possessions for Shipping to a Different Country

Your packing options depend on the insurance coverage of a moving company you hire, your freight’s physical attributes and packaging guidelines for a specific shipment. Some shipping companies will not insure your possessions unless they pack them. If you hire an international moving company in Russia to handle your relocation, they will offer to pack your belongings for an additional cost, though you may opt to pack on your own.

Make sure that your items are securely padded in packing paper or bubble wrap, and that the box’s edges are sealed with high-quality packing tape. Consider double-boxing fragile items. Label everything properly.

Transportation Containers

Transportation containers are the best “packing material”. They are roomy, sturdy, weather-resistant, and extremely secure. They are inexpensive and convenient for shipping furniture or other large or odd-shaped items. Customers with varying load sizes and budgets can choose from a variety of shipping container options.

When shipping your belongings in containers, you have two options: Full-Container-Load and Less-Than-Container–Load.

FCL – Full-Container-Load

If the entire container is intended for a single consignor, choose Full-Container-Load. If your belongings are large enough to fill a container, they will be loaded into a steel container and transported to the port and then directly to their destination. If you have a smaller load, crate it and deliver it similarly.

LCL – Less-Than-Container-Load

LCL, or Less-Than-Container-Load, is the way to go if you’re shipping fewer items. This is the least expensive, but more time-consuming mode. Your belongings will be shipped from Russia alongside those of other customers. The containers used in this case are standard containers ranging in size from 1 to 15 cubic meters. They are usually shipped by sea to a warehouse in Europe, North or South America, or China and then trucked to you.

Do not Allow Your Containers to Become Stranded at Customs!

Sometimes our shipments are simply held up at customs, forcing us to wait for a long time. There are several things you can do ahead of time to ensure timely delivery:

  • Gather all the necessary paperwork
  • Make certain that all fees have been paid
  • Always include a tracking number with your shipment
  • Maintain constant contact with the shipping company.
  • Make a detailed inventory of your belongings, including the brand, model, and serial numbers of any electronic devices you intend to transport from Russia. You may also have to pay customs fees on some of your items.

That is how Your Belongings are Shipped to Another Country!

While shipping your belongings to another country is not easy, having all of the information at your disposal helps. It is critical to conduct extensive research before diving in. You’ll make your decision based on the company’s perceived quality, reviews, and quotes. By following these procedures, you will increase your chances of shipping your items from Russia without incident, while also speeding up the delivery.

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