The Study Guide to Freight Forwarding Industry

Freight Forwarding

The Study Guide to Freight Forwarding, prepared by our company’s experts, will give you a clearer view of all nuances of the freight forwarding industry so you can identify what it is that sets us apart from the pack and why we should be your freight forwarding choice.

What is a Freight Forwarder?

A freight forwarder is an individual or a firm that specializes in organizing transportation of goods from a point of manufacture or sale to an end customer, market, or final point of distribution.

CREDO TRANS has devised an array of custom-tailored freight forwarding services to handle various shipping needs and to answer the most time-definite demands.

Our company contracts with a carrier or multiple carriers to transport the goods for individuals or corporations:

  • by road, through partnering with reliable domestic and global truck companies, we achieve reliable over-the-road transportation of cargo using trucks. It is an affordable option, but on rare occasions could cost top dollars in case of infrastructure issues, road hazards, or heavy traffic.
  • by sea, using the facilities of the Russian leading multifunctional transshipment seaports to deliver your goods to any place around the world. High vessel load capacity, low cost for containerized cargo. An active sea freight forwarding operator since 2008.
  • by air, through partnerships with a long list of preferred and alternative carriers such as Aeroflot, Delta, American Airlines, our company has the flexibility to enable global service on all key trade lanes. It is the safest and quickest way of freight transportation.
  • by rails, through alliances with federal and international railway operators,

CREDO TRANS provides outsourcing, booking, and competitive pricing for door-to-door rail moves and offers direct market access from the Russian Federation to neighboring countries. A reliable and cost-efficient way to move freight as it’s free from any traffic or roadblocks.

Why us?

  • We guarantee compliance with freight forwarding regulations: CREDO TRANS’ forwarders are well-versed in commercial laws regulating the transportation of merchandise across borders.
  • Improved delivery time: Our forwarders know the best routes and optimal modes for transporting goods to their final point safely and on time.
  • Mitigates stress: Authorizing CREDO TRANS to handle all the shipping will improve your business processes.
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed: Our forwarders have been generally recognized for promoting safe and quick delivery of goods.

What Does CREDO TRANS Do as a Freight Forwarder?

  • Collaborates with businesses, carriers, and manufacturers to make arrangements for transporting products from one point of location to another. 
  • Negotiates with shippers to estimate freight costs.
  • Does inquiries and obtains insurance to safeguard the products.
  • Reaches out to warehouses to create more options for freight repacking, consolidation, and storage.
  • Prepares documentation to ensure goods can be transported both nationally and internationally. 

Which Freight Forwarder Should I Pick? 

Here’s how to choose a reliable freight forwarder:

  • Understand your requirements and your cargo.
  • Research the freight forwarding, yet go no further! CREDO TRANS IT!
  • Does a forwarder have the expertise you require? 10 years of experience if you choose CREDO TRANS.
  • Can a forwarder manage varied types of freight? CREDO TRANS covers all core services.
  • Is a forwarder associated with any trade administration? CREDO TRANS is!

Advantages Employing CREDO TRANS as a Freight Forwarder

  • Cost-Effectiveness. We set competitive prices based on customer’s needs. We reduce prices by consolidating your shipment with freight from various shippers into one container. 
  • You deal with one person to arrange your shipment. Our freight forwarder expert will negotiate on shipping, haulage, packaging, and warehousing costs on your behalf. 
  • Experience and knowledge. CREDO TRANS’ freight forwarders offer their 10-year-expertise and the most up-to-date information on customs regulations.
  • Versatility. CREDO TRANS’ seasoned freight forwarders possess the necessary resources and offer outstanding versatility when it comes to meeting deadlines or dealing with unforeseen circumstances. All routes are planned and alternate measures will be taken by our forwarders. 

What risks must I be aware of when shipping?

Anything may happen on the road. But forewarned is forearmed – our clients know everything they need to know in order to avoid strategic or operational risks such as:

  • Logistics Risks: theft and hijacking, carrier delays, mergers, lack of safety. 
  • Legal Risks mostly relate to the failure to fulfill the terms of a contract.
  • Financial Risks: budget overruns, fluctuations of exchange rates, possible bankruptcy of a supplier.
  • Environmental Risks: the probability of negative impact transportation might have on the environment. 
  • Socio-Political Risks: the risks forwarding firms face while transporting freight across borders, particularly in unstable countries with inequitable conditions.

Through an automated real-time track system, CREDO TRANS closely follows your shipment’s journey to ensure its safe and smooth transfer. All shipments conducted by our company are covered according to the insurance policy of the Freight Forwarders Liability Insurance.


CREDO TRANS will pinpoint the optimal freight forwarding service for your business. We will provide you with the best rates in terms of carriers, customs clearance services, insurance, and inventory management or warehousing. Call our trained experts today and get our tailor-made freight forwarding quotes, with a wide selection of delivery timelines.